The Shadow of Vigilance

Trouble At Tower University

Oliver got plasma burned, and thrown through a building. It hurt.

Oh, and a living energy….thing (former colleague of Merrick, Scott) escaped the high-energy physics lab, tore up a lot of campus, and then finally was contained (thanks to a telepathic breakthrough via The Grey Sentinel…and a big magnetic-field generator from the physics building).

We met a contact form B.A.D.G.E; we’re too meet him at Precinct 77 for info on the Locust.

A mysterious, likely alien, man from the…Navy? showed up and asked Dr. Merrick to show him around the remains of our living sun’s former lab. Dr. Merrick feigned ignorance, after a telepathic hint convinced him not to be totally truthful.

A (totally not) undergrad gave Oliver a file folder filled with a plethora of top-secret and redacted files. Said he’d “call the professor, with a number to call him back at.”


Silverlion Balladeer

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