Oliver Howard - The Black Bullet


Heroic Identity: The Black Bullet
Public Identity: Oliver Howard, Student
Drive: Spirit of Adventure: Oliver is in this for the adrenaline and the wild experiences.


NPC Stressors:
Caitlin Howard: gentle, caring grandmother
James Sumner: pushy, nagging, academic advisor
The Silver Watcher: driven by a responsibility to protect me (much to my chagrin)

Might: Exceptional Human (2)
Agility: Spectacular Human (3)
Toughness: Exceptional Superhuman (5)
Intellect: Spectacular Human (3)
Knowledge: Average Human (1)
Resolve: Spectacular Superhuman (6)


  • Teleportation: Exceptional Superhuman (5)
  • Density Manipulation: Exceptional Superhuman (5)

First Appearance: Plague of Locusts!
Ongoing Title:


The quick version
A young runner attending Tower City University on a cross-country scholarship, Oliver Howard works as a grad student under the exceptional tutelage of Dr. Abraham Merrick.

Late one night, whilst preparing an experiment in Dr. Merrick’s lab, Oliver mixed something up. That something caused a series of unfortunately spectacular events, which ruined the experiment completely. Three months of work lost. At least one grant revoked.

Also, it gave us both super powers.

Now, Oliver is getting used to his new abilities. Thus far, he has managed to keep his school life separate from his super-powered life.

A bit more to it…
Oliver’s parents both travel. Extensively.

Rather than see Oliver grow up as a ‘third culture kid’, his parents told him it was best if he move to Tower City to live a ‘normal life’ with his kindly old grandma, Caitlin. Oliver hated this plan, but alas, it was the plan that stuck. While his first few years in Tower City were a bit uncomfortable, Oliver really grew into the city towards the end of elementary school. By the time he graduated from high school, Oliver knew that no other city could feel like home.

It was in high school that Oliver’s aptitude for running became apparent. He had the speed and endurance to dominate any distance-running competition, and in many ways, being a runner became the core tenant of Oliver’s self-identity. Everything else came after running. Eventually, school competitions were not enough, so he entered the world of marathons, and then ultra-marathons. Through this participation, Oliver defined and refined his own inner strength. Both his body and his mind were sculpted to outlast the competition; to overcome the obstacles in his path; to win.

Oliver Howard - The Black Bullet

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