Dr. Walter Matthews / Mimeograph

Genetic Scientist turned superhero through lab accident


Superhero Name: Mimeograph
Mundane Name: Walter Matthews
Age: 35-yrs. old
Occupation: Genetic Scientist
Drive: Responsibility

4 – Might: Average Superhuman (1d8)
4 – Agility: Average Superhuman (1d8)
4 – Toughness: Average Superhuman (1d8)
3 – Intellect: Spectacular Human (3d6)
3 – Knowledge: Spectacular Human (3d6)
3 – Resolve: Spectacular Human (3d6)

3 – Probability Control: Exceptional Human (2d6)
6 – Power Duplication: Spectacular Superhuman (3d8)

= Stress Triggers =

  • Dr. Kimberly Jefferson: She is a colleague who worked human genome project with him.
  • Roger Docking: Old college friend who developed a rare genetic disorder that drives him to find a cure.
  • Reflector: Villain who he encountered once and fought to a stalemate because of their powers looping and have become enemies.

Dr. Walter Matthews / Mimeograph

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